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Chartered Accountants




Fees are usually based on the time spent taking into account the level of skill and responsibility involved.  We are not VAT registered so any fees quoted will be the amount that you pay as there will be no VAT to add on.


Please contact us for a free consultation after which we can give you an idea of the likely costs.




The cost of the probate service will depend on the complexity of the estate and how much you would like us to do.  Please note that there is also a court fee associated with the Grant application.  This would be £215 if you apply yourself or £155 if we apply on your behalf plus the cost of additional copies of the Grant at £1.50 each.


We can apply for the Grant of Probate/Letters of Admininstration allowing you to complete the administration of the estate yourself.  This service will:

  • check the validity of the Will or apply the rules of intestacy
  • complete the probate application form
  • complete the relevant inheritance tax forms and calculate any inheritance tax liability
  • apply for the Grant

Alternatively, we can offer a full service to include all of the above, administration of the estate and preparation of estate accounts.


Please contact us for a free consultation.


Will Drafting and LPAs


The actual cost will depend on the complexity of your estate and affairs although listed below are some examples of the standard cost.

Simple Will with no trusts (except simple trusts such as for children under 18) £100-£150

Mirror Wills with no trusts (except simple trusts such as for children under 18) £200-£300

Specialist Wills incuding trusts (depending on complexity and number of trusts) £350-£850

Lasting Power of Attorney (NB there will also be a registration fee of £82) £150